In 2015 I started to practice Houdini on a regular basis for all sort of purposes.
With it's flexibility, things that seem unthikable in other packages can be done easily and in a fun way.

As well I have been doing some RSL ( renderman shading language ) by the past and this was very helpful
to use houdini VEX code which is very powerful.

Here are some sample tests that I did while learning :

( They are mostly hardware playblasts and not mantra renders, so please do not consider them as finished images. )

Alien style tentacles using creep SOP and attribute stamping

Houdini VEX version of good old "Gloop" RSL Shader

Parameterizable bamboo forest generator with interface

Terrain generator with automated texturing
and erosion simulation.

Infinite in size it and can be explored
in real time.

various parameters are available

VEX beach waves
( meaning they bend while approaching the beach )

The white color is meant to be the basis of my own foam implementation.

next is a renderman render of the same with added details.

Simple city generator
buildings are randomly created according to noise
or supplied images

various parameters are available

Based on any geometries made out of quads,
this setup breaks individually each tile,
messup UVs so texturing is individual to each tile,
take influence of objects to break more according to proximity

Procedural modeling for a rose,
various parameters are available
and can be animated to simulate growing and blooming