UNDERSEA PARK is a virtual piece of ocean to explore.

You'll be able to meet with Manta Rays, Blue Whales and 3 species of Sharks :
Grey Sharks, HammerHead Scalloped Sharks, Whale Sharks.
Each specie has been done precisely and is easily recognizable.

We all know the current ecological state of the ocean.
and I would like to turn this free personal project into a bigger one for both fun and educational purpose
This would result in a virtual 3D sanctuary with plenty of different species and environments.

It can happen through funding and or partnership, any ideas are welcomed.
If interested you can contact me at : lesieur3d@gmail.com 

UNDERSEA PARK is available for free on viveport.com

Please find below a video from  the application :

Undersea_gameplay_HD720 on Vimeo

A location based project using content developed for my VR application has been done. This project is called "OCEANS" and is located in CAP 3000, a shopping mall situated at Nice on the French riviera, creative production was done by MK2+

OCEANS CAP 3000 opening on Vimeo